IHelp to Buyf you purchased a property under the Government Help-To-Buy Scheme, you will probably require a Valuation from a Chartered Surveyor if you wish to move home or to pay off the Help-To-Buy loan. We are RICS Registered Valuers and we are familiar with the specific requirements of these Valuations as required by Target HCA. A Valuation carried out by a Chartered Surveyor would also be required if you purchased a home under a shared ownership scheme and you wish to move or buy another share in the property.

We undertake several Valuations of this type each week and we can normally fit in a Valuation inspection fairly quickly around our other Survey and Valuation inspections. We charge £175 for properties up to £250,000 in Value and £225 for properties worth between £250,000 and £500,000. If you require an updated Valuation after three months, then we charge 50% of the original fee.

We also carry out Valuations for for Taxation and Probate (Inheritance Tax) purposes. For matrimonial Valuations you are best advised to use a Valuer with court experience and expert witness training.

If you require a Valuation, please call us on 01225 300879 / 0117 363 7699 / 01722 786850.